Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Solo Art Show at Lionheart Gallery, Pound Ridge , NY until March 1st

This is the way the show looks in the gallery going counter clockwise.

       Fireflies in a grey Fog,a/c, 60'' x 46'', Frozen Moments #2

Wind Over Water #2, 80''x54'', Invasive Species, Frozen Moment #2


 Forest Doors, Jade Memories, Wings Over Water 1&2 

 Frog Love #2, a/c,72''x72'',  Frozen Moments #3


Nocturnal Frog Love, 60''x46'',  Tutu, 40''x60'', Ancestors Shadows 1&2 40''x30''

  Fall in Red, a/c, 50''x40''

 Untitled hanging sculpture, Late Summer Evening, 40''x30''


                                                                                     Road Through Damascus 1&2, 40''x18'', acrylic and clay on canvas on panel


                                                                                                            Sphere1, 24'' in diameter

                                                                                                            Sphere 2, 24'' in diameter

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