Monday, September 3, 2012

Work from Art Show at New Arts gallery , Litchfield ,9/12/2012 This latest post is work from my current show at New Arts Gallery in Litchfield up until October 8. The show is a contination of my exploration in the use of nature materials such as clay but now with the addition to using vines which I think of as calligriphic drawings in space . The hanging piece Vesteges of Occupation is a root that was the roof of a beaver hut suspended from the ceiling with the beaver sticks that were part of the structure are susdpended with fishing line . The Root slowly rotates and the sticks jiggle and wiggle with a life of there own if there is any breeze or vibration. The materials for this came from a beaver that was killed and its hut had a chain put around it and was pulled apart by a truck . But the dam , the pond and biosystem the beaver created remains This piece is the legecy of creatures that are able that create and shape their environment with a lasting positive impact. 2011 below my latest post is a large clay piece and explination that was at NYState museum last year . Also, the first vine pieces 2010 I have been mainly focused doing works involving clay and acrylic . I find this medium fascinating because it has the inherent quality of cracking when it dries giving an element of entropic design to the painting . Works From my show '' Earth Variations'' comes from the last two years where there has been a progression from earth works based largely on a traditional landscape type compositions to the most recent works that have a more ''open'' view of the landscape , with perhaps an oriental feel , but still based heavily on the organic patterns of nature. My use of materials has also expanded from my last show as I have been using vines , flower petals and using more and more clay to the point where my final pieces for were totally clay and acrylic without any pigment , letting the subtle nuances of color to come from the clay itself . .........I did an interview on FOX news 61 today. If you to see it here is the link ; if you want get hold of me you can at or

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paintings of mine at the NY State Museum in Albany NY , Reflecting on September 11,2001

Heaven and Earth (80''x 166'')was completed in 2011, the image was drawn from a panorama painting of Manhattan I did in 1997 from the 91st floor while I was an artist in residence in the World Trade Center .The work is clay an polymers on panels that are the size of the windows in the WTC.The piece is like the shroud of New York City, cracked and altered, like our perception of NY and the world inextricably altered by the events of 911. Torn Earth (30''x60'') was done in 2008 made from debris from the World Trade Center , and expression of outcome of the violence that was inflicted upon people of the United Sates .
World on Fire : Fire Outside My Studio (24''x96'') was a portrait of my studio in the WTC done in 1997 .This painting was at the time a reflection of my concern for the WTC as a target for terrorism because it was one of the great icons of American international financial interests .