Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Looking East

    I just finished Looking East. It is 80''x162'', clay and acrylic on canvas on panels 80''x18''.It is a view of the East River as seen from my former studio  in the World Trade Center

Damascus Road

     Damascus Road 19''x 56'' in this picture. I plan making much larger . The concept is the visualization of destruction that began in Damascus which has metastasized in much of the middle east through the motif of the World Trade Center which is where all the craziness began.

Memorial Windows

           This is a proposal project for a 911 Memorial installed in a field  using clay panels from several piecies  that  are the same size as the windows  that were in the World Trade Center . The lay out  for the panels is based on the foot print of the twin towers .

Summer Photos of Calligraphy Reclining and Calligraphy In Space #2

Calligraphy Reclining has become a favorite perch for cardinals and a source or nest material for three cedar waxwings  

                                                                                      I made Calligraphy in Space #2 this spring.