Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paintings of mine at the NY State Museum in Albany NY , Reflecting on September 11,2001

Heaven and Earth (80''x 166'')was completed in 2011, the image was drawn from a panorama painting of Manhattan I did in 1997 from the 91st floor while I was an artist in residence in the World Trade Center .The work is clay an polymers on panels that are the size of the windows in the WTC.The piece is like the shroud of New York City, cracked and altered, like our perception of NY and the world inextricably altered by the events of 911. Torn Earth (30''x60'') was done in 2008 made from debris from the World Trade Center , and expression of outcome of the violence that was inflicted upon people of the United Sates .
World on Fire : Fire Outside My Studio (24''x96'') was a portrait of my studio in the WTC done in 1997 .This painting was at the time a reflection of my concern for the WTC as a target for terrorism because it was one of the great icons of American international financial interests .

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