Monday, January 14, 2013

Call it Anything Like Chaos

“CALL IT ANYTHING (LIKE CHAOS) “ was created with the idea of being viewed as a sampled aspect of a chaotic storm; stationary, but trembling as if it were alive. The flying roots appear as if ripped out of the earth and it’s intricacies and the synaptic skin of the root system can be inspected by the viewer.

This was inspired by Hurricane Sandy and the chaos it created.   My hopes were to show the viewer a frozen moment in time and perhaps tap into the zeitgeist of the collective human experience as we see incomprehensible events happening at a speed faster than what we can process and can be viewed as a removed observer after the event has happened.

The viewer sees the root systems, the connective tissue and the terrestrial mooring to the earth flying topsy-turvy through the air throwing our whole vision of what is solid and normal into chaos.  Kinetic creatures fly above and around the air-borne roots as if cast out of their habitat, or perhaps escaping the storm, signifying life’s resilience and perseverance in the most adverse conditions. 

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