Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Looking East

    I just finished Looking East. It is 80''x162'', clay and acrylic on canvas on panels 80''x18''.It is a view of the East River as seen from my former studio  in the World Trade Center

Damascus Road

     Damascus Road 19''x 56'' in this picture. I plan making much larger . The concept is the visualization of destruction that began in Damascus which has metastasized in much of the middle east through the motif of the World Trade Center which is where all the craziness began.

Memorial Windows

           This is a proposal project for a 911 Memorial installed in a field  using clay panels from several piecies  that  are the same size as the windows  that were in the World Trade Center . The lay out  for the panels is based on the foot print of the twin towers .

Summer Photos of Calligraphy Reclining and Calligraphy In Space #2

Calligraphy Reclining has become a favorite perch for cardinals and a source or nest material for three cedar waxwings  

                                                                                      I made Calligraphy in Space #2 this spring. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Solo Art Show at Lionheart Gallery, Pound Ridge , NY until March 1st

This is the way the show looks in the gallery going counter clockwise.

       Fireflies in a grey Fog,a/c, 60'' x 46'', Frozen Moments #2

Wind Over Water #2, 80''x54'', Invasive Species, Frozen Moment #2


 Forest Doors, Jade Memories, Wings Over Water 1&2 

 Frog Love #2, a/c,72''x72'',  Frozen Moments #3


Nocturnal Frog Love, 60''x46'',  Tutu, 40''x60'', Ancestors Shadows 1&2 40''x30''

  Fall in Red, a/c, 50''x40''

 Untitled hanging sculpture, Late Summer Evening, 40''x30''


                                                                                     Road Through Damascus 1&2, 40''x18'', acrylic and clay on canvas on panel


                                                                                                            Sphere1, 24'' in diameter

                                                                                                            Sphere 2, 24'' in diameter

Monday, January 26, 2015

It Takes a Village

This work is currently installed at Norwalk Community College in Ct.  It Takes a Village is its centerpiece and consists of a hanging vine and ceramic houses in sand.  This piece was originally conceived 5 years ago by my good friend artist and educator Denise Minnerly.  With the idea of doing a piece about place and where we live, she went into schools, homeless shelters, and mental institutions with clay and asked participants to make their idea of home.  Concurrently, I had been working with beaver sticks and vines on pieces about the interconnectedness of nature and man.  We joined forced on this project and made the vine sculpture for It takes a Village together.

The long clay and acrylic piece behind It Takes a Village is Earth Variations (reconfigured).  Originally done as a 90" x 160" rectangle--it is 12 separate panels--is reconfigured for the space as 40" x 360".  The vine piece Au Privave is created from a single vine I found in the CT woodlands. The last piece, Gumbo Variations, is 40" x 80".



Friday, August 15, 2014

                                                  Calligraphy in Space

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Frozen Moments

          This a piece, Frozen Moments is made out of leaves , fake leaves, bark wire acrylic an fishing     line that was in  a show  that ended March 8th Five Points Gallery in Torrington , Ct 

                           Another angle of Moments and on the right Moth and the Lost Prophet

Friday, October 18, 2013

IT TAKES A VILLAGE instillation for at Terrain in West Port Ct until October 22, 2013


                   Done in collaboration with my friend and fellow artist Denise Minnerly